Partnership Debtor

Introduction to partnership debtor finance

Relion Finance’s Partnership Debtor Finance provides your business with a flexible line of credit at competitive bank rates. Our cash flow solution is linked to your sales invoices providing you with immediate working capital.


Relion Finance’s Partnership Debtor Finance is similar to Full Service Debtor Finance, except that you undertake collection of your debts for an agreed period, typically 45 or 60 days. Debts that remain outstanding after this period may then be directly collected by Relion Finance.



Business Qualifications

  • A public or private company.
  • Selling goods or services to businesses on credit terms.

Minimum Turnover
$500,000 per annum
Minimum Facility Amounts
Minimum Term
12 Months

The information provided by Relion Finance is not financial advice. We provide information of a general nature only. If you require information specific to your situation please consult with your Accountant or Financial Planner.

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